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Deck Management System

The First Competence DMS is a simple online tool designed to enable clients / operators to efficiently plan and display the loads on their asset deck / landing areas providing offshore and onshore logistics stakeholders with a live view of their layout.


The person authorised / responsible for planning deck / landing areas, has Edit Access via an ATEX IECEx Zone 1 rated tablet or their desktop computer. Logistics stakeholders have a view only access via their desktop computers.


Once signed in and the applicable deck has been selected, the edit user can:


• Enter a load size and simply drag it onto the deck / landing area

• Add the sling and door locations / clearances to the applicable side of the load

• Rotate the load to the correct orientation

• Record the load identification number

• Display the remaining unoccupied deck / landing area


After entering all the loads, the plan can then be saved, printed, updated and viewed.


Logistics stakeholders with view only access can also plan future / proposed deck layouts which can then be printed or sent for consideration.


Future functionality such as certification dates, internal tracking, hazardous goods, deck loadings etc. is only limited by the data you input.

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