Training and Assessment

Mobile Offshore Drilling Units Training and Assessment
Offshore Production Platforms Training and Assessment
Onshore Drilling Units Training and Assessment
Onshore Logistic Bases Training and Assessment
Mobile Offshore Drilling Units
Offshore Production Platforms
Onshore Drilling Units
Onshore Logistic Bases

First Competence’s onsite training is designed to be informative, engaging and accredited or aligned with industry standards. 

Clients have the option to choose one course, a package of courses and  / or engage First Competence to design and produce a bespoke course specific to their needs.

In addition:


  • Training courses are amended to suit the operational environment / facility 

  • Pre-training assessments can be completed to evaluate current knowledge and ability

  • Courses can be delivered as initial, specific post-assessment or refresher training

  • Logbooks can be issued after each course to structure and record experience

First Competence can also provide competence assessments, which are accredited / aligned with industry standards or bespoke to the clients safe system of work / standards.

Lifting Operations

  • Banksman Slinger

  • Rigging and Lifting

  • Lift Planning

  • Rigging Loft Management

  • Safe Cargo Handling

  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

Lifting Equipment

  • Forklift Operator

  • MEWP Operator

  • Crane Operator

  • Gantry / Overhead Crane Operator

  • Powered Appliance Operator

  • Supply and Certification of Lifting Equipment


  • Client Principles, Policies, Processes and Procedures

  • Manual Handling

  • Working at Height

Specific Environment / Facility

  • Land Rig Moves

  • Driving Safety

  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air, Sea and Land