VR Locations : Loads to chose from and even an oil rig

(pro version only unfortunately)

Here I am in a boardroom -  similar to ours downstairs looking at the choices of locations :)

Content/Media : You can upload and display ANY information on multiple screens.  Here I have just input our web address

Classroom : Here is one of the free classroom locations

Sound: I am the host of this session so all I have to do is hit record and it records where i go and what I say (you should be able to hear me (Im speaking directly into my Oculus) plus you can upload any sound files.

VR / 3D Objects : Loads of basic ones in the free version, (but most you have to have pro version)

I chose one of the free locations - a kind of space hanger

I put in a few free 3D objects and here you can see how easy it is to place a tank 3D image in - it is so easy to resize etc as you can see here.

Navigation : Here's me added a few more things and having a walk around in the VR environment - looking closely at the tank - Paul I added a few globes for you :)

Staff/Avatars : Here is one of Andy in the classroom

I think its a good likeness Andy :)

Classroom Sound: Me sitting in the classroom watching a cartoon video streaming direct from Youtube

Testing: You can create a variety of testing including multiple choice etc.  Delegates can open a 'tablet' to complete the testing.  I did one question - What is a Crane?  I got it wrong haha :)